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Design Engineering

Our proven approach to production design is simple – provide the best solution through innovative collaboration. Our engineering expertise includes everything from Electro-Mechanical Design, CAD and Drafting Services to Build-to-Print and Turn-key Solutions. When you partner with JSI, expect precision and professionalism at every step.

Designing in Success from the Start

The outcome of a project, whether positive or negative, is the result of planning or lack thereof. Our careful planning and project management tools ensure that your requirements will be met and that you will be satisfied with the outcome.  Our proven process that inserts your requirements into the design from the beginning and experience to understand how those requirements will affect the entire process are what you get when partnering with us. We ask the tough questions and use the latest design and analysis tools in order to create processes and products that will accomplish your goals.

Quality throughout the Process

Our ISO compliant quality program demands that we follow a regimented Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) process.  PDCA is utilized throughout our entire organization in order to ensure positive outcomes.  Finite Element Analysis, In-process Inspections, and Final Inspections are all a part of our Quality Assurance process.  Our goal is to provide you with the same products and services each time.

Manufacturing Delight and Delivering on our Commitments

By partnering with JETechnology, you are partnering with a team of design and manufacturing professionals that understand many different manufacturing techniques in the areas of fabrication, machining, welding, and finishing.  Our personnel understand the rigors of each manufacturing process and can accurately plan and deliver time and time again.

Information Technology

Getting it Right from the Start

JETechnology offers tailored and optimized solutions for your needs. We understand the importance of your IT systems and how they play a vital role in the success of your operations. Our IT personnel are savvy and are determined to ensure that every requirement is met.

Not just Capability but Availability

If we had the ability to do everything under the sun but were not there when you need us…what good is it? Onsite service to support your IT staff is what we do. We provide the most talented and competent individuals that will add needed value to your staff. We take steps to ensure that we are always available, above all else.

Mission Support

We provide expert mission support to private sector, military and government clients – everything from IT to on-site staffing support to purpose-built training aids. Whatever your requirements are, trust our expertise and attention to detail to assemble services and solutions that meet your budget and workforce needs.

Your Mission is Our Mission

Our Mission Support includes solutions in program execution, staffing, and workforce management.  We’ve provided direct support to the Department of Defense which has resulted in a robust understanding of our government clients and the ability to provide innovative solutions to their most demanding challenges.

One Team, One Dream

JSI is here to provide your company with exceptional support. We offer top-notch products and information to help your projects run smoothly and efficiently. With over 75 years of combined experience at JETechnology Solutions, Inc., we take pride in saying that we are the industry standard and we will go above and beyond to make you a part of the team. 

We have extensive experience working with the United States military, which has helped us become the experts on custom-design. The military has several models of special-purpose aircraft that need their own custom maintenance equipment.

“It’s awe-inspiring seeing the growth, hard work and planning that has taken place and the changes that are planned and will come. You are employees are true professionals that have gone above and beyond to get things right and it is a true pleasure to work with individuals of this caliber. They show pride in all that they do and execute requested tasking flawlessly. The depth of knowledge they both have is impressive and really helps me to do my job. I look forward to learning and growing with your JSI crew. Thanks for the leadership and example you provide to your team.”

DCMA Quality Assurance Representative

“I recommended you guys because of you are easy to work with. You allowed us to be flexible with our design and were able to give us what we wanted.”


“Your guys really impressed me with their professionalism during setup and training of your maintenance stands here at Lemoore NAS.”

Maintenance Material Control Officer

“The A-10 Aircraft Maintenance Stands are being used and the guys love them.”


“I’d like to take a moment to sing one of your employee’s praises! I can honestly say that, in my 40 years of experience, he’s is one of the few IT’ers who actually “gets-it”. That is, he doesn’t merely deliver the “requested xyz” product because that usually ends up in disappointment. But rather, he goes to extraordinary lengths to deeply a understand and “internalize” what it is the customer is actually trying to achieve-regardless of what is written on the request document. I can comfortably state that he has accomplished more on his own than the previous four developers COMBINED!”

Chief Information Officer
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