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Fall Protection

Value engineered safety for top aviation and military clients worldwide.


First and foremost, all of our fall protection solutions are designed to meet the latest OSHA standards and regulations. We protect your greatest assets…your employees, while maximizing your valuable resources. We work with your team to identify and mitigate or avoid fall protection risks with our equipment and training.


More is being demanded from your resources.  Your employees are being asked to do more.  They are athletes required to perform at a high level under varying physical conditions.  We recognize this and design tailored features that result in straightforward solutions, based on your requirements, to ensure that you are completely satisfied.  Injuries that result from slips and falls in the workplace are one of the leading causes of missed work time in industrial environments. Like your team, our Fall Protection is designed to work…Every Time.


Our project team’s vast knowledge base and annual training keep us well versed in a variety of aspects of fall protection, OSHA regulations, and engineering.  We are able to consistently deliver products and services that meet our customers’ specifications as a result of our streamlined and proven project management and manufacturing processes. We are consistently recommended by our past customers, and many of them invite others to come and review our equipment in use.

Test Equipment

Ensuring the safety of your equipment to help you manage quality control.

Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Built to your Specifications, with American Grit

You’ve designed it.  Trust us to manufacture it.  Our manufacturing process is stringent and thorough because our people are.  Our ability to ask the tough questions, understand the full scope of your project, plan, and then execute, is what we bring to the table.  With over 200 years of experience in designing and manufacturing Ground Support Equipment, we have what it takes to get you to the finish line.

Bringing Your Ideas to Reality

Ground Support Equipment is a large arena.  Do you need specialized Test Equipment? Fall Protection? Engine Cradles? Etc.  We’ve done it.  We’ve been called on by the United States Air Force, Boeing, and the Orlando International Airport, just to name a few.  Requirements, such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Military Specifications and others, are vast in nature, but we can help you navigate them in order to provide customized, compliant design and product.


Our product selection represents a full menu of innovative aviation solutions. From precision-crafted testing equipment to state-of-the-art fall protection and maintenance stands, JETechnology delivers value-engineered safety on every level.

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“The A-10 Aircraft Maintenance Stands are being used and the guys love them.”


“It’s awe-inspiring seeing the growth, hard work and planning that has taken place and the changes that are planned and will come. You are employees are true professionals that have gone above and beyond to get things right and it is a true pleasure to work with individuals of this caliber. They show pride in all that they do and execute requested tasking flawlessly. The depth of knowledge they both have is impressive and really helps me to do my job. I look forward to learning and growing with your JSI crew. Thanks for the leadership and example you provide to your team.”

DCMA Quality Assurance Representative

“We use fall protection platforms for F-16, F-15, and F-22. We purchased them from JETechnology out of Orlando, Fla. I cc’d my POC in the email if you would like more info. My guys love that the platforms make the job easier for them to access certain areas safely and it saves them time from moving stands back and forth. FYI, they are in GSA for government purchase.”

Prime Contractor Safety Manager

“Your guys really impressed me with their professionalism during setup and training of your maintenance stands here at Lemoore NAS.”

Maintenance Material Control Officer

“I’d like to take a moment to sing one of your employee’s praises! I can honestly say that, in my 40 years of experience, he’s is one of the few IT’ers who actually “gets-it”. That is, he doesn’t merely deliver the “requested xyz” product because that usually ends up in disappointment. But rather, he goes to extraordinary lengths to deeply a understand and “internalize” what it is the customer is actually trying to achieve-regardless of what is written on the request document. I can comfortably state that he has accomplished more on his own than the previous four developers COMBINED!”

Chief Information Officer
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