Fabricate over 17,000 Weldments and Parts for the Amusement Theme Park Ride within 3 Months.

ClassifiedJSI Solution:

A local customer was in need of a local vendor to support their renovation of the theme park attraction. This vendor had to be certified with the American Welding Society, have an established and proven quality system, and be able to meet the customer’s demanding schedule. JSI met all of the criteria. JSI fabricated and provided our client with over 17,000 assemblies and parts in a 6- month time period. These parts were then welded into place on the Amusement Theme Park Ride track forever bonding JSI to the client. These parts included weldments and machined parts that ranged in size from 3”x 5” to 6’ in length. The majority of these parts had to be painted with weld-primer by JSI to inhibit rust before the parts could be welded into place. JSI was capable of meeting the client’s 24hr installation schedule and keep their 40-member weld team supplied with parts to weld. With JSI’s help our client was able to reopen the Amusement Theme Park Ride ahead of schedule.