Design, Build, and Install a Large Custom Work Mezzanine Platform Within 2 Weeks.

Mitsubishi Power SystemsJSI Solution:

Using Solidworks, the JSI team designed, fabricated, and installed a mezzanine platform for our customer’s new manufacturing facility in 2 weeks. We also designed and fabricated various platforms for their watertank and coordinate measurement machines. In addition, we provided structural analysis and material selection assistance for a metal rack that was to be placed in an oven at temperatures exceeding 1500 deg F.

Even after people have said that it couldn’t be done our designs have been proven to be sound and exceed the customer’s expectations. For instance, we have designed and fabricated custom foldable steps for their machining equipment after the manufacturer said that our design would not work. Because of our outstanding work and timeliness, Mitsubishi Power Systems continues to be one of our most loyal customers.